Qualification: I have an Advanced Diploma in Relational Supervision (February 2021) gained with Severn Talking Therapy and endorsed by the National Counselling Society

The models of supervision that have informed my practice are rooted in person-centred philosophy and practice, drawing on the normative, formative and restorative tasks of supervision (Inskipp and Proctor) and Hawkins and Shohet’s seven-eyed process model. My approach as a supervisor is collaborative, helping to facilitate the supervisee’s process of reflection and consideration of their work with clients.  It is relational, creating a safe space allowing for the development of the supervisee’s internal supervisor to balance work with self care.

I have experience of supervising within organisations as well as individual supervision of trainees and qualified practitioners.

I offer online and in person supervision. I welcome any individuals seeking supervisory support to reflect on their practice such as counsellors (including newly qualified), healthcare workers, pastoral care workers or educators.

In order to work within BACP and NCPS guidelines, I would expect qualified counsellors to receive 90 minutes of supervision monthly.

Please see fees for current charges