Counselling Approach

MountainsMy approach to counselling is fundamentally person centred.  I work in an integrative way which means that I may use a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on your needs as a unique individual.
My role as a counsellor is to offer you a safe, supportive and confidential space where together we build a relationship based on empathy, acceptance and non-judgemental understanding.

Therapy can facilitate our journey of self-discovery. It can help clarify our thinking and change our perspective on life and relationships. It can allow for new coping strategies to emerge and help us to find emotional, psychological and sometimes physical healing. As a person-centred practitioner, I will also draw on other therapeutic approaches as appropriate to the client’s needs at different stages in the counselling process. At times I may offer the opportunity to use creative techniques such as sand tray, art, music, Inner Child work or a number of other non-verbal alternatives. My person-centred approach also rests on the belief that we each have within us the inner wisdom and personal resources to work through our difficulties as well as the ability to make informed decisions and choices that will make for positive change. Counselling can be a vital link to get us back in touch with who we are and what life is all about. It can enable us to reconnect with our inner resources which we often lose sight of in the painful experiences of life. Within the therapeutic relationship characterised by acceptance, understanding and respect we can rediscover our innate strength, tap into our own resources and experience real growth in self-understanding as well as trust. © Nathalie Pout  counselling