Counselling for Young People


I have worked with children and young people over many years in different contexts- as a language teacher, church volunteer children’s worker and childminding whilst raising my own two daughters!

I currently counsel in a Post 16 centre in Bristol, two private schools in Bath and see young people privately as well as on a voluntary basis.

Confidentiality is key to the service I offer and what this means is discussed and agreed on at our first session.

Counselling children and young people often involves offering a space to explore feelings, self and understanding through creativity and artistic expression,  as relying solely on words can be limiting. As with my adult clients, my work with young people is based on the Person Centred approach and I integrate enabling aspects of other models.   I listen in a non-judgemental, objective yet empathic way to help support you to find your own way forward.  At times your thinking may be challenged, but in a gentle and caring way.

Each session is guided by what you wish to explore.   Creating a safe and ok place to be is really important for you to be able to use different means to put your feelings, experiences and thoughts into words in order to get ‘unstuck’ if you have come to a difficult place in your life for any number of reasons.  We may use different resources such as sand play, music, art, drama, imagery, play- the list goes on and you may have unique creative ways in which you wish to work.  As well as helping to get in touch with deeper feelings, creative resources can be a lot of fun! Initially you may be doubtful or have no idea where to start- this is to be expected and I can help you make the most of your sessions.

Some of the concerns I have helped young people work through include: Parental separation/divorce, blended family issues, loss/bereavement, anxiety and stress, academic pressure, depression, low self-esteem, self harm, relationship or friendship difficulties.

If you would like to find out more or arrange an appointment please  call me on my mobile: 0781 3020376.  Or you can email me at:



The following are authentic comments from clients taken from their evaluations of their counselling experience with me.  They are a mixture of genders ranging from ages 16-19.  For reasons of confidentiality no names or details are given here.

‘…calm and very understanding and helped me understand others as well as myself better’

‘..very friendly and easy to talk to.  Counselling was helpful and informative’

‘..having someone to talk to and care who was objective, asking helpful questions to me which helped me understand my situation more’

‘…instantly she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease and she has been a massive help in getting me to understand my issues.  The counselling has been really eye-opening for me and each session has led to me making progress.’

‘I ….am so incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to explore my feelings in such a safe place, which was all down to the relationship I was able to build with you.’